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Focus on Sound is an exciting music education digital encyclopedia for Windows®, Apple®Mac®, tablets and smartphones. It develops students’ listening and composing skills as well as enhancing their general musical knowledge.

Focus on Sound contains two multimedia software products: Instruments and Sound Words. Developed for students aged 9 to 18, the Instruments section introduces around 200 musical instruments, voices and groups - in classical, jazz, rock, folk and world music.

Sound Words has more than 50 topic areas covering harmony, rhythm, structure, melody, instrumental techniques, technology, music reading and music theory. Written by music education software specialist Dr. Simon Foxall, an experienced music director and senior examiner.

  • Students have access to Focus on Sound anywhere they have an internet connection, enabling them to work from home, computer lab, or the library.
  • Works on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones, etc.
  • Teachers can choose to use the class-presentation mode, or allow students to work independently.
  • Expert guidance on which instruments students would be best suited to learn, with information on cost, difficulty and suitability.






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